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Most Experienced Master Opticians and Craftmen

Hampton Controls, Optics Division brings together some of the finest, most experienced Master Opticians and Craftsmen in the world. Having worked on many of the industry's most sophisticated and complex projects, our people bring a wealth of relevant experiences to the most complicated optical systems and components that you may require.

Electro-Optics Division

Created to Your Specifications

Our manufacturing capabilities include various optical components including large mirrors and lenses up to 2.5 meters, off-axis parts, with large size coring, light-weighted substrates, and extremely tight optical surface requirements.

Electro-Optics Division

Hampton Controls has an Extensive Network of Partners

We have manufactured many flat, spherical and aspherical surfaces and their variations on a large number of materials.

An extensive network of partners allows us to provide a wide range of design, build and assembly services from mounting fixtures, test systems, to complete instruments for the optical components and assemblies required.

Light Weighted Mirrors

Electro-Optics Division
Electro-Optics Division

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Please call for any special needs, in most cases, we are able to create a custom solution.